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  • McAfee – Security Software Company

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    McAfee – What is it? What they do? Who are they? – We are here to help you with our research.  Go ahead and get a glimpse.

    Let’s get started with the great founder of this company – It is John McAfee. He was the founder who founded this great giant against virus attacks on 1987 in Santa Clara, California.


    What is McAfee? – Where is this present!

    McAfee was knows as McAfee security in earlier times.  It is based out of the United States having its head quarters in California. McAfee has a great presence across the globe  – Let it be in the United States or India, we all know McAfee as the giant that kills virus in our laptops and desktops thereby helping us to keep our systems secure.

    McAfee is a daughter company to Intel. When I mean daughter, it says it is owned by Intel.

    What does it do? – We researched their website for you. Have a look!

    McAfee holds expertise in Security Software productions and it includes a range of products, they are – Security SaaS, Network Security, Mail protection and web security, computer data protection, registry protection, Security information and even management, Compliance, Risk, Cell phone security, Endpoint protection, Security information and event management and many more.

    It helps us to guard our statistics, individuality and all our devices. They are proud to say that they we can lead our own digital life and they protect our security. Such Antivirus and security company is extremely essential in this generation where there is no world without internet.

    What products to they offer to keep us secure?

    McAfee provides a range of products for consumers, small business, large business or enterprises. You could use the following products from McAfee in generic across all the devices. They are

    1)   McAfee Live Safe – It costs 79.99 USD $

    2)   McAfee All Access – It costs 49.99 USD $

    If you need to keep your personal computers secure, you could go for McAfee total protection, McAfee Internet Security, McAfee Antivirus Plus, McAfee Family Protection or McAfee SiteAdvisor Live. These products vary from 19.99 $ to 89.99 $.

    In this world, all use cell phones and we very often connect to the internet. There are high chances of the cell phones getting attacked by virus. If you would love to clean all the virus or bugs from your cell phones, you could try McAfee Mobile Security. If you have android phones, then McAfee has come up with a new product named as McAfee Family Protection Android Edition which ranges around 19.99 $.

    McAfee in fact provides great online and offline Virus removal services. If you have got a new smart phone or a personal computer, you can now get help from McAfee to unpack it and get that run smoothly.  It even provides great range of products for Mac and other PC utilities which range from few dollars to hundreds based on their service.


    So now one would have understood the need and various offerings by this gigantic company spread worldwide. If you love to explore more, you could visit www.mcafee.com

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