• VMware – Leading Business Solution provider

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    I have a good cloud. Do you? It’s time to move on guys. VMware brings you the best support and service to you. Let’s have a ride with VMware.

    VMware means?

    It is an American company, which provides cloud and virtualization software with service.  It is the first company who manages visualize x86 architecture. It holds more than 500,000 customers throughout worldwide. And it also consists of 55,000 partners.

    Latest news

    • VMware leads industry in support for the mobile work force.
    • VMware acquired Desktone pioneer of desktop As-A-Service.
    • VMware migrate vCloude Hydrid services to Europe.


    It was founded in the year 1998 by Diane Greene, Mendel Rosenblum, Scott Devine, Edward Wang and Edouard Bugnion. The company was officially launched in February 1999. On 1999 the first product was lunched i.e. VMware workstation with 20 employs.  In 2001 it entered to the server market with GSX server. Then in 2003 it launch the virtual centre with vMotion and virtual SMP technology. In 2004, the company was taken by EMC Corporation with $625 million. Then it gradually increased day by day.



    • Desktop software:
    1. VMware workstation: This suit allow the user to run multiple instance of x86 or x86-64 single physical PC.
    2. VMware fusion: It provides similar function for use of Intel mac along with full compatibility.
    3. VMware player: VMware offers this software in freeware product for non-commercial personal use.
    • Server software:
    • VMware vSphere:
    • It gives grater performance than the freeware. It runs directly on the server hardware. It offers extra services like:
    • VMotion
    • Storage VMotion
    • Distributed Resource Scheduler
    • High Availability
    • VMware server

    It was also provided as freeware for non-commercial use. It can also set up virtual machine. As a hosted application it runs with Linux or windows operating system.

    • Cloud Management Software
    • VMware vCloud
    • VMware vCloud Data centre service
    • VMware vCloude express
    • VMware vCloud consulting service
    • VMware vCloud APT
    • VMware GO
    • VMware vCloude Director
    • Virtual desktop Infrastructure

    VMware horizon view

    • Backup software

    Mozy produced MozyHome and MozyPro

    • Networking and security products

    vCloud networking and security is a software solution that allows business to rapidly adopt network and security need.

    • IT business management product

    IT business management suit.

    vCentre charge back management provides cost transparency.

    IT benchmarking allows business to benchmark their IT capabilities against others.

    Service centre automates IT service management.


    • Other Products

    Physical – to – virtual (P2V)

    Virtual – to – virtual (V2V)

    Automated configuration task on VMware ESX/ESXi server.

    VMware’s VMFS

     There are four versions of VMFS, corresponding with ESX Server product releases.

    Version 1: Used by ESX server v1.x.

    Version 2: Used by ESX server v2.x and v3.x. It was also called as VMware file system.

    Version 3: Used by ESX server v3.x and vSphere (4.x).

    Version 4: Used by ESXi server v5.x and vSphere (5.x).

    New Features (VMFS Drivers)

    Support for LVM using multiple extents.

    Support for sparse files.

    Auto detection of VMFS.

    Enhanced display of symbolic links.

    Display of cluster heartbeat information.

    This company has given us lots of benefit in past and hope that it will give in future also. More details log on to http://www.vmware.com.


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  • Microsoft Store- Free shipping, Free returns on everything

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    Ever heard of Microsoft? – An IT giant, Yes! We are introducing you to the Microsoft ecommerce store which offers a variety of products and services.

    Who are they?

    Microsoft store was founded by Microsoft in October 22, 2009 and has 63 stores worldwide.

    What it does?

    Microsoft store is owned by Microsoft Company and deals in computers, electronics, various products, computer hardware, computer software and many more. It even offers various tablets and PC’s and even helps the consumers to check products from other parties like Dell, Sony, Lenovo, Acer and HP.

    What it offers?

    Microsoft store offers variety of products in the following market – Games, Videos, tablets for windows and Microsoft surface, computer repair, computer mice, Xbox, Personal computers, smart phones and many more. Here at Web Tech Life we provide some of the best Microsoft store promo code which can help you save some bucks on Microsoft store.


    The top categories for customers include Microsoft office, various software’s and windows. Here we say more about these products.

    Microsoft office: As we all know, Microsoft office is a collection of various desktop applications, servers and services for the os x operating system. Office 2013 is the latest released product for windows which consists of Microsoft access, Microsoft excel, Microsoft word, Microsoft InfoPath, Microsoft outlook, Microsoft groove, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft publisher and many more.

    The latest version available for OS X is Office 2011 and for windows it is Office 2013. It provides us a free trail to use their Microsoft office for 30 days after which we might have to pay if we want to continue using it. It offers this software in 35 different languages.

    Microsoft office mobile is also available for Android phones, windows phone and I phones.

    Software’s: Microsoft provides various services and offerings such as Visual studio, Visio, Songsmith, Publisher, Automatic graph layout 2007, office for home and Mac, Microsoft research tools and many more. The list seems to be exhaustive.

    Songsmith: You could use Songsmith to create songs using your voice alone; you could choose supporting musical backgrounds that support your singing.

    MSDN Operating system: If you have your own apps, you could probably give a try to this device which allows you to test your apps on different versions of windows and servers.

    Visual Studio professional: Using this product, you could design multi tier apps for your devices, website and cloud in case you have one.

    Automatic Graph layout: Do you want to layout directed graphs like the one found in networking analysis, manufacturing or business management activities? The tool named Automatic Graph Layout 2007, helps you for laying out and represents directed graphs – it is based in .net.

    Windows: Who does not know about Windows? We often hear that and use everywhere in our day to day life – Be it in India or the United States. Windows is a graphical interface operating system developed and marketed by Microsoft. It started from Windows 1.0 and the latest version of windows is Microsoft windows 8.1. It comes in 137 different languages and marketing target is for personal computing. Windows Vista, CE are other software’s which Microsoft offers.


    For best products and promo code, you could visit the Microsoft ecommerce store at http://www.microsoftstore.com

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  • VMware May 2014 Sale: 25% off on VMware Fusion 6 Professional

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