Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking 13: Home Edition Review

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Dictation software makes preparing a typed document on a computer much less stressful. Not all software that recognises speech and converts the speech into text is accurate and precise, but Dragon Naturally Speaking from Nuance is specifically one of the best in its class. The current version of this software is 13 and we have reviewed the home edition. Even though it’s a Home edition, almost all required practical features are included within; only the licensing doesn’t support professional usage and hence the naming. The software comes for Windows platform only, and pretty much all in-use versions are supported even the latest Windows 10.


The pricing varies for the three different versions. Even under the Home edition, there are two different types of bundle and another one comes exclusively for mobile devices. The standard issue Naturally Speaking 13 costs around $158.29 and the wireless edition comes for $229. The wireless version packs a Bluetooth wireless headset for better speech recognition and hands free operation so your hands keep free and could be used in managing documents.

The mobile edition comes for $229 as well, instead of a wireless headset this version comes with a Phillips Digital Voice Recorder so that you could better manage your speech and use the very same file to use as an input on the Dragon Naturally Speaking software, reduces a whole lot of works.


Difference between Home and Premium

If you would like to know what you miss in the Home edition then here it is –Excel and PowerPoint integration on the Dragon software and the ability to use a custom made vocabulary list. For people who are heavily reliant on dictation software for preparing their documents, spreadsheets and presentation – should go ahead for the Premium version for few couple more bucks.

Premium version allows the user to not only create and edit a document on the Word, Excel or PowerPoint software alone but also lets the user control the features on the software. After a stressful day using the mouse and keyboards may not seem to be the best feasible options and the voice control is truly helpful in these times. On the other hand, vision impaired people could work on these software without an assistant as the premium version of Dragon plays back user’s own speech as the document is being dictated.

Improvements in Version 13

The latest version doesn’t only focus on office products, rather surfing the web becomes one major concern now. The commands are now extended in order to make them fit with all popular web browsers. And speaking of browsers – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer is currently supported; hopefully Microsoft Edge will be supported sooner enough. POP3 or IMAP email clients are supported as well, sending emails without using hands is now possible through the Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 functionalities.

According to the users of version 13, the latest version offers up to 15% more accuracy and precision than the previous version.


For Windows, there are better options for higher price tag. But for the price range Dragon Naturally Speaking 13: Home Edition belongs to, this one happens to be the best dictation software with the highest functionalities. Dragon certainly wonderfully converts your speeches into accurate text and also efficiently operates your computer.