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  • VMware – Leading Business Solution provider

    Posted on 23/11/2013 by | 1 comment

    I have a good cloud. Do you? It’s time to move on guys. VMware brings you the best support and service to you. Let’s have a ride with VMware.

    VMware means?

    It is an American company, which provides cloud and virtualization software with service.  It is the first company who manages visualize x86 architecture. It holds more than 500,000 customers throughout worldwide. And it also consists of 55,000 partners.

    Latest news

    • VMware leads industry in support for the mobile work force.
    • VMware acquired Desktone pioneer of desktop As-A-Service.
    • VMware migrate vCloude Hydrid services to Europe.


    It was founded in the year 1998 by Diane Greene, Mendel Rosenblum, Scott Devine, Edward Wang and Edouard Bugnion. The company was officially launched in February 1999. On 1999 the first product was lunched i.e. VMware workstation with 20 employs.  In 2001 it entered to the server market with GSX server. Then in 2003 it launch the virtual centre with vMotion and virtual SMP technology. In 2004, the company was taken by EMC Corporation with $625 million. Then it gradually increased day by day.



    • Desktop software:
    1. VMware workstation: This suit allow the user to run multiple instance of x86 or x86-64 single physical PC.
    2. VMware fusion: It provides similar function for use of Intel mac along with full compatibility.
    3. VMware player: VMware offers this software in freeware product for non-commercial personal use.
    • Server software:
    • VMware vSphere:
    • It gives grater performance than the freeware. It runs directly on the server hardware. It offers extra services like:
    • VMotion
    • Storage VMotion
    • Distributed Resource Scheduler
    • High Availability
    • VMware server

    It was also provided as freeware for non-commercial use. It can also set up virtual machine. As a hosted application it runs with Linux or windows operating system.

    • Cloud Management Software
    • VMware vCloud
    • VMware vCloud Data centre service
    • VMware vCloude express
    • VMware vCloud consulting service
    • VMware vCloud APT
    • VMware GO
    • VMware vCloude Director
    • Virtual desktop Infrastructure

    VMware horizon view

    • Backup software

    Mozy produced MozyHome and MozyPro

    • Networking and security products

    vCloud networking and security is a software solution that allows business to rapidly adopt network and security need.

    • IT business management product

    IT business management suit.

    vCentre charge back management provides cost transparency.

    IT benchmarking allows business to benchmark their IT capabilities against others.

    Service centre automates IT service management.


    • Other Products

    Physical – to – virtual (P2V)

    Virtual – to – virtual (V2V)

    Automated configuration task on VMware ESX/ESXi server.

    VMware’s VMFS

     There are four versions of VMFS, corresponding with ESX Server product releases.

    Version 1: Used by ESX server v1.x.

    Version 2: Used by ESX server v2.x and v3.x. It was also called as VMware file system.

    Version 3: Used by ESX server v3.x and vSphere (4.x).

    Version 4: Used by ESXi server v5.x and vSphere (5.x).

    New Features (VMFS Drivers)

    Support for LVM using multiple extents.

    Support for sparse files.

    Auto detection of VMFS.

    Enhanced display of symbolic links.

    Display of cluster heartbeat information.

    This company has given us lots of benefit in past and hope that it will give in future also. More details log on to


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  • Xbox One Review

    Posted on 30/01/2014 by | 1 comment

    The Xbox is among the most popular gaming consoles available out there currently, and only the PlayStation series from Sony gives a competition to this Microsoft made gaming console.

    2013 was a really blessed year for games out there as the Xbox One, one of the best and most powerful gaming consoles out there, got released. Upon arrival, the Xbox One received wide appreciation and popularity for its performance, looks and features. And today, we’re here with our own detailed review of the Xbox One by Microsoft.

    Before we review the Xbox One, below are some of its important hardware specifications, in case you didn’t know:

    • 8 core 1.75 GHz CPU.
    • 8 GB DDR3 RAM.
    • 853 MHz GPU.
    • 8 GB in built flash memory.
    • 500 GB non user replaceable hard drive.
    • Cloud Storage support.
    • USB 3.0

    The Xbox One is Microsoft’s third installment under the “Xbox” branding and a very futuristic and powerful machine as well. By the introduction of the Xbox One, Microsoft has tried really hard to lift up the utility of this console. The Xbox One is not only a gaming console by any means but can also help you stream videos and music, do Skype calls, browse the web etc., thus bringing in a variety of features.


    The looks and feel of the Xbox One is of real high standard and quality, as it should be. The size and overall physical looks of the Xbox One resembles the previous generation Xbox console, the Xbox 360 by some means. Even though the Xbox One looks bulkier than its competitor, the Sony PlayStation 4, it is not an ugly looking console by any means.

    The console comes with all proprietary ports such as 3 USB 3.0 ports, HDMI-in and HDMI out ports, IR out port, Ethernet port, Audio Port, and a special one to connect your Kinect device to the Xbox One.

    You already might be familiar with the Kinect device, but with the Xbox One, the Kinect is much more integrated with the core performance of the console.

    Microsoft has also introduced the “SmartGlass” application that supports all major mobile operating systems like iOS, Android and Windows Phone and acts as a client to sync with your Xbox account and the system. Using this application, you’ll be able to view and respond to message quite easily and the application also syncs with the gameplay with some supported games and can also be used to view live progress or even to call for help with your Xbox gaming contacts.

    Final Words:

    When the comparison is between the Xbox One and the Sony PlayStation 4, the Xbox seems to be the over-priced console with certain limitations and a very bulky design. However, in the past if you’ve been a satisfied customer of the Xbox or if you wish to the among the early adopters for the Xbox One, then you must get one now.

    Most of the issues regarding the Xbox One are software related and a much-appreciated software update is said to be under cards and should be enough to resolve any known issues with the Xbox One.

    Xbox one can be purchased at Microsoft store and if you are looking for some discount visit here

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  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Mac Detailed

    Posted on 12/01/2014 by | 1 comment

    With many people using Macs and other Apple devices, there’s been a quick growth in the volume of Mac malware and the number of cybercriminals that are targeting Mac users to rob their data, identities and money. In order to protect Mac users from threat and to provide security, Kaspersky Anti virus for Mac is optimized to deliver real-time protection against both Mac and PC malware while also guarding your Mac against sophisticated Internet-based threats and cybercrime all without any significant impact on your Mac’s performance.


    Kaspersky Anti Virus for Mac helps to ensure you can relish the Web to the fullest extent with secure online surfing, shopping, banking and much more. You can also block your children from obtaining unwanted contacts on social networks and stop them from disclosing your phone numbers or credit card numbers. You can stop children from going to Adult sites and monitor or limit the time that they can spend on the internet. Kaspersky’s Mac security software can run automatically upon system startup. You have control over security levels and pop-up notifications. You can make a backup copy of an original file before you disinfect or delete it.

    To protect you and to give you amazing experience, Kaspersky for Mac includes

    • URL Advisor feature that checks each website against Kaspersky’s database of phishing sites and dangerous URLs – before you even open the website. The Kaspersky URL Advisor works with web browsers like Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
    • Scans incoming and outgoing traffic.
    • Preventing the theft of sensitive information, including your identity
    • Prevents key loggers or identity thieves from intercepting your personal data
    • Preserving more of your Mac’s performance
    • Easy-to-use Parental Control technology
    • Quick and easy installation
    • Virtual Keyboard technology to protect you from Keyloggers
    • Monitor and limit your children’s Internet usage
    • Control communications on social networks – and block any unwanted contacts
    • Real-time protection against all types of Mac malware threats like Computer viruses, Trojan viruses, Worms, Spyware, Bots etc.

    Every day, Kaspersky Lab identifies and provides protection against approximately 200,000 new threats. Kaspersky Anti Virus for Mac intermixes traditional, proactive and cloud-based anti-malware technologies to deliver proactive, real-time protection.

    System Requirements for Installing Kaspersky for Mac

    • Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 or 10.9 (system with an Intel® processor)
    • 1 GB RAM
    • 350 MB of available hard drive space – depending on size of antivirus database


    • Single Mac – £39.99 ($ 49.95) per year; 3 macs – £49.99 per year
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