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  • Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 Review

    Posted on 09/03/2014 by | Comments Off on Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 Review

    If you’re seeking to purchase a complete security package suite instead of opting for each security feature separately, then the truth is that you have a very few trusted and worthy option to go with. And the Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 is indeed one of the best you have.

    Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 provides a complete set of security features such as a antivirus software, phishing and spam protection, anti-spam actions, advanced firewall protection, enhanced parental controls etc.

    And the fact is that all of these features are quite advanced and well developed and scores a very reputable and indeed high score in the antivirus test labs set up by professionals. To help you decide whether to choose the Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 or not, today we’re here with the review of the same.


    Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 Review:

    Anyone upgrading from the traditional Kaspersky antivirus software should not feel alienated because the user interface of the Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 is quite similar.

    The fact that Kaspersky is one of the best antivirus solutions out there, leaves very few competitors for its products as well.

    As any other antivirus solution out there, Kaspersky Internet Security too provides its own standard set of features such as active antivirus protection, protection from malware and phishing attacks, malware warnings, secure web browsing and online privacy protection.

    Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 also packs in some of the unique features of Kaspersky antivirus such as built-in tech support to the software and also provides a set of additional tools to protect your system such as a rescue disk that’s bootable, an effective vulnerability scanner, and also additional system tools to erase computer and internet usage details and data.

    And in terms of user friendliness, Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 does not annoy you with frequent popups like others and quietly works in the background all the time protection you from all possible threats and attacks. You’re only notified whenever some actions are needed to be taken or if some serious threats or attacks have been reported.  Hence, the question of Kaspersky Internet Security affecting your system’s performance never appears at all.

    Kaspersky Internet Security does not flag harmless sites as spam or malicious, as some other antivirus softwares out there and its frequently advancing database ensures you can your copy of the Kaspersky Internet Security is always ready to fight up against the latest and the most harmful threats out there.

    Final Words:

    Almost every other’s who tested the Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 client refers it to be one of the best antivirus suites available out there and indeed recommends it to their customers and readers.

    Indeed, Kaspersky Internet 2014 can be termed as the best antivirus and the best user friendly one too, thanks to its quite simple user interface and features which favors and suits both amateur and professional users equally.

    If you’re planning to buy the Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 suite then we highly recommend you that you proceed with your decision, because its the best choice you can get for the price you pay and indeed is worth every penny you pay. You should also visit our Kaspersky Coupon page and get discount on latest Kaspersky Internet Security.

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  • Get The Ultimate QuickBooks Pro Review For In Depth Analysis

    Posted on 05/03/2014 by | Comments Off on Get The Ultimate QuickBooks Pro Review For In Depth Analysis

    There is no doubt that the work of pro accountants is not at all easy. Even slight mistakes in the work initiate a chain reaction that causes major losses afterwards. Thanks to QuickBooks pro that has come to rescue the accountants from such risks. The latest version of the quick book has been reported to be much more efficient and more powerful than its older version of 2012. Let’s have a look over the honest quickbooks pro review to have a close look over its features.


    The QuickBooks pro 2013 has been loaded with advanced features and calculation algorithms. Its advanced formulas and implementation to clever graphics profiles for the charts and pictorial data enables it to give a boost up in the performance. The inclusion of new tools has been a great aid to 2013 pro version. Another helpful feature includes integrated email support which helps users to stay in sync with all their data on their devices. Those who are in search of the new features can review the new tools like spreadsheet support, inventory items, inventory data, report management, invoice control, payroll management, notification generation and various other integrated resources.



    The technology of the interface is highly advanced. The inclusion of the new algorithms is what makes it capable of standing out of the crowd. The users are going to experience the highly intuitive layout that rectifies each and every mistake made by users in a hurry. Also, the error and autocorrect database is editable in the GUI form which is a very helpful feature for people. The quickbooks pro review provides it one star for its excellent intuitive layout and interface. Side by side, the interface is integrated with perfect advanced algorithms that make the working of the graphical interface fluent.


    Although, the QuickBooks pro is designed with all the essential features required by the users, there are certain things that need to be rectified yet. The quickbooks pro review states that the installation of the software tool clearly states that it will convert its entire files into the format which is compatible with the latest version of the QuickBooks pro.  Also, it states that the format will then be no longer accessible via an older version of the QuickBooks pro. This means that upcoming of the latest version will enforce users to buy it or else get disconnected from the QuickBooks software. This resists the new version in getting full ratings from the users.


    Such a wide range and efficient software tool deserve the price more than its older version. However, it is as same as that of the previous version. Also, there is facility to upgrade the older version to the new one. Those who have the pro version can upgrade fort the premium version as well.

    Overall Review

    Finally, the accountants have got the latest version of QuickBooks pro at very low cost. But, once installed, the suite will enable users to handle the data and all their resources with lots of ease than it was ever possible with its older version. Overall, QuickBooks Pro 2013 version gets the rating of 4 stars out of 5 stars.

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  • Norton 360 Review: What you need to know before installing

    Posted on 01/03/2014 by | Comments Off on Norton 360 Review: What you need to know before installing

    The Symantec Co. needs no introduction at all. Apart from being a top grade cyber Security Company, it is well known for its major breakthrough, Norton – Antivirus program. Recently, it has published the latest version of Norton 360 which is a fully fledged computer security tool. It has been rated among the top 5 paid security suite for home computers. But, all these ratings and reviews are paid. Actually, these are the part of the promotional optimization work which is conducted by the company itself. This often makes difficult to find out the honest norton 360 review on the web. Fortunately, here are true reviews for the Norton 360 suite that will help you to have the clear view of the security suite.



    Till now, Norton had been known to consume lots of computer resources. But, the current version of Norton 360 reveals breaks this conception. The suite shares very small part of RAM and uses very less CPU cycles to run in the background. But, if your computer goes slow and hangs a bit, consider that Norton has found a virus in your system. This is because it starts the advanced encryption algorithms that make the virus powerless to cause any harm to your system until the user decides what action to take.


    This time users of Norton will get no chance to complain about the compatibility issue. The latest norton 360 review from the users reveal that the suite is fluently running on almost all compatible windows versions including the latest version 8. Plus, the technical issue with the kernel of windows vista has been not only been resolved but also was optimized for the best possible performance. The testing of suite over various Oss revealed no issue at all, even on different service packs. This means you can fluently work with Norton 360 on any services on compatible windows OS.


    In terms of tools, there is no new inclusion as such. User will get integrated tools for removing virus, Trojans, malware and bacterial programs. Side by side, you will get spyware, anti phishing, root kit scan, registry tools and so on. So, norton 360 review does not score a point in this case.

    Uninstalling Issues

    Officially, Symantec claimed that it has made all the necessary changes that was needed to be done regarding the uninstall process. As the algorithms of software dos not allow it to remove certain files and registry keys, there are special removal tools with an edition that helps in deleting all files separately. This means that you might have to restart your computer twice in order to uninstall Norton 360 suite. That’s a case which stops it from getting all 5 stars.

    Final Review

    Overall, the suite is highly advanced, programmed with all technicalities, bugs are removed, major issues has been resolved (to the possible extent) and much more flexibility has been introduced. In order to deliver the honest review, it is a suite for those who are dependent upon Norton for their total security and are ready to spend money for buying it. The overall norton 360 review enables it to get 4 stars out of 5.

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  • CyberLink PowerDVD 13 Ultra: the Latest CyberLink Media Player

    Posted on 17/02/2014 by | Comments Off on CyberLink PowerDVD 13 Ultra: the Latest CyberLink Media Player

    You need to have a good media player to play the media files on your personal compute or laptop. If you don’t have a comprehensive media player, you won’t be able to enjoy any movies or video songs. So, it’s very important to find a comprehensive media player for personal uses.

    Are you not happy with your regular media players? If you want to enjoy the movies and videos to the full, you should try the CyberLink’s media player. The latest media player of CyberLink is the PowerDVD 13 Ultra, and you will surely get interested in it if you try it once.

    CyberLink media players are very popular throughout the world for a long time. Most of the PC users use the products of CyberLink, especially its PowerDVD media player. They are in this business for more than 15 years, they have developed the PowerDVD regularly and the PowerDVD 13 Ultra is now one of the most comprehensive and powerful media players.


    CyberLink PowerDVD 13 Ultra

    CyberLink PowerDVD 13 Ultra is the latest version of the CyberLink media players. It supports all types of video formats that you know and even you don’t know. This media player can play videos of different formats like the HD format, 3GP (mobile format), FLV Flash format and even the raw formats. You can play Blu Ray discs, DVDs and audio discs. It can handle audio and image files as well.


    CyberLink PowerDVD 13 Ultra is popular for its wide range of media files support. This version has been updated with enhanced video quality for HD formats, this is the fastest version of PowerDVD. The formats that PowerDVD 13 Ultra supports are 3GP, ASF, AVC, JVT, M1V, M2T, MKV, MV, MOD, TOD, TPD, TS, TRP, VOB, MP4, MP4V, WM, WMV, WTV and many others.

    You can also play old files in this player, like AVI files are very hard to play with the other media players, but PowerDVD 13 Ultra can play this format files very smoothly. It also plays HD videos with True Theater technology.

    Improved Interface

    If you already have used CyberLink PowerDVD 12, then you may find the interface of the PowerDVD 13 Ultra is very similar to its predecessor. But when you will explore this player, you will find many new amazing features.

    CyberLink has used a new playback interface that you can control manually. It rotates all the selected files in portrait mode and you can select from this. It is very easy to use and you can drag it by clicking anywhere on the player screen.

    New Features

    The new CyberLink PowerDVD 13 Ultra has a new touch screen support. You can use it for both playback mode and disc mode. You can scan your media library if you feel it necessary. It has another new feature- it now can share media files on USB or NAS devices. The 3D files playing mode have been improved in this version of PowerDVD.

    Mobile Apps

    The new CyberLink PowerDVD 13 Ultra has a installing facility for iOS, Android and Windows 8 Phone users. You can stream videos on your device with this player.

    Enjoy high quality movie files with CyberLink PowerDVD 13 Ultra and for discount on CyberLink products visit our Cyberlink coupon code page here

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