Bitdefender Total Security 2014 Review

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Bitdefender know the mindset of its customers.Bitdefender don’t want their clients to get irritated with the pop-ups and commands asking for action. As customers do not want to think about the software installed in device.
All want software to make decisions for their own as its great hassle in work to give commands for even small things. To remove this hurdle in work the bitdefender have come with some innovation naming AutoPilot. If you will turn this feature on then you will not have to make decisions on every little thing. You will not come across any pop-up regarding Security software or asking for some command. You will not have to get worry about the security and privacy on device.

AutoPilot will do all the security tests, scans. Automatically it will fix the malwares and will scan the infected files. But if you want to make decision by your own then you may turn off the autopilot and then it will ask you for your preference and will make decisions on your preference. In terms of security of machine the Bitdefender get good grades. It rules over market in terms of performance.

bitdefender total security

Bitdefender Total Security blocks all the entry points of malware. It gives protection to you from the malware trying to get into your device via e-mail, USB drives, Infected Sites, Trojans and other possible virus.It have unique apps to scan the timeline of your friend and follower over social media. And will not allow to share the infected links. Bitdefender is rated good by many reviewers and ranked good in various tests.
Bitdefender was the first in the market who implemented the technology which have potential to detect the new malware which is not identified earlier. After that the applications on behavior of program come into action(1999). In 2005 bitdefender introduced the hourly system updates. And after that in 2009 it come with a new innovation naming Active Virus Control which was used to analyze each and every action and to see the suspicious action. These innovation take bitdefender a step ahead from other anti-virus. And one of the most effective product available in the market.

Premium Features:

It provides various premium features as automatic online backup and credit monitoring. The credit monitoring is provided free for the first year for US Residents. Credit Card are thing which should remain secure if the information of Credit card get leaked by malware then it may take you in the high loss. So the credit monitoring makes it secure and notifies you if someone tries to acquire the information. Bitdefender also provide a service called safebox, where you can save you important files online. But the drawback is that it comes with 2GB space and you ll have to pay some more bucks for extra space. And you can also synchronise safebox with your computer.

Other features of it are System tools, Identity Protection, File Shredding and Android Security. The file shredder will do for full removal of all fumes of the deleted files. And system tools is used to perform some action which cause optimum performance of system. And Identity protection prevents your identity and the most important info like credit card numbers, Bank account numbers, passwords and others. While Android Security is free and it do for scan and removal of malware.

It also comes with parental control and prevent your child from accessing the sites which are not suitable for him. And block all suspicious sites.

Bitdefender provides a good after sale support, You can contact the official for 24*7 for any kind of problem. And bitdefender have provided Tutorials and Videos to make you understand about the feature and how to use them. And you can also connect to technical department by means of phone call and mail. While you can update your software by online accounts on the official sites.

Final Words:

We would suggest bitdefender because of its performance and ability of detecting and fixing the malware than the other security software available there in the market.

Pros of Bitdefender Security:

1. The best performance and effective in disinfecting the malware.

2. Excellent test results

3. One don have to think for the each small command as it have auto-pilot.

4. Have additional Features like Identity Security, Safebox etc.

Cons of Bitdefender Security:

1. The mobile security works in Android Devices only.

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