LifeLock Standard ID Theft Protection Review

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Identity theft over an unsecured internet connection is somewhat very common. Many people tend to overlook security threats while transacting cash over public Wi-Fi connections, or processing confidential data over unsecured connections. Over the web there’s all sort of traps and being compromised without even knowing is something that happens to millions of people every day. The most common type of identity theft is cloning of credit cards, most people often notice such only when the credit balance goes far beyond their actual limit. To protect the internet users from identity theft there are plenty of paid programs with different pricing. LifeLock is an identity theft prevention program and its pricing starts from $9.99 per month.

Detailed Pricing

To accommodate identity theft protection facility for maximum users, the pricing is defined in three different tiers. The standard protection is the first package from LifeLock, the pricing is $9.99 per month or $109.89 annually – few bucks will be waived if paid for all 12 months at once. The second tier is known as LifeLock Advantage plan, and it comes for $19.99 per month or $219.89 per year. Last but not the least, the third tier aka LifeLock Ultimate Plus is offered in $29.99 per month of $329.89 per year. All tiers offer some discounts when the price for a whole year is paid at once.

Unlike many other software in the similar category, LifeLock doesn’t offer any free trial period. Hence, any willing user would need to get their hands on the full version from the very first month. Signing up for an account takes the users’ credit card number and charges the monthly fee on the desired date every month.


Signing Up

Registration for LifeLock Identity Theft protection isn’t much different from any other paid online services. The credit card number and all other required personal information will be collected for billing. After signing up is done, the procedures in LifeLock UI collects all necessary data without causing any hassle or confusion to the user. Email verification is required to use the service. After account setup, it may take up to 24 hours to verify all data and start up all services.

Once the account is set up and running, a wizard based setup on the LifeLock website would collect all the identity information that needs protecting. All your bank account data, pin codes and passwords, credit and debit cards, driving license and social security number, passport number etc. alongside mailing address and contact number would be taken. For security verification, LifeLock uses your mother’s maiden name. Be careful with the answer, though.

Alert and Notification

Once all your data is collected by LifeLock, the software automatically start looking for unwanted usage of your details. If someone tries to open a fake bank account or some other policy, the LifeLock subscriber will immediately be alerted and ask for verification. You can also find out on how many public records your personal details does appear on the internet. This would help you have a clear vision of how your identity is being handled online.


Faking an identity theft to test the software’s functionalities wasn’t possible as LifeLock would detect such to a threat to our identity and cause enormous trouble. However, the software works very well and does what exactly it is supposed to do. LifeLock is all your private investigator, lawyer and insurance at the same time against ID theft – and we would recommend this software.