Norton 360 Review: What you need to know before installing

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The Symantec Co. needs no introduction at all. Apart from being a top grade cyber Security Company, it is well known for its major breakthrough, Norton – Antivirus program. Recently, it has published the latest version of Norton 360 which is a fully fledged computer security tool. It has been rated among the top 5 paid security suite for home computers. But, all these ratings and reviews are paid. Actually, these are the part of the promotional optimization work which is conducted by the company itself. This often makes difficult to find out the honest norton 360 review on the web. Fortunately, here are true reviews for the Norton 360 suite that will help you to have the clear view of the security suite.



Till now, Norton had been known to consume lots of computer resources. But, the current version of Norton 360 reveals breaks this conception. The suite shares very small part of RAM and uses very less CPU cycles to run in the background. But, if your computer goes slow and hangs a bit, consider that Norton has found a virus in your system. This is because it starts the advanced encryption algorithms that make the virus powerless to cause any harm to your system until the user decides what action to take.


This time users of Norton will get no chance to complain about the compatibility issue. The latest norton 360 review from the users reveal that the suite is fluently running on almost all compatible windows versions including the latest version 8. Plus, the technical issue with the kernel of windows vista has been not only been resolved but also was optimized for the best possible performance. The testing of suite over various Oss revealed no issue at all, even on different service packs. This means you can fluently work with Norton 360 on any services on compatible windows OS.


In terms of tools, there is no new inclusion as such. User will get integrated tools for removing virus, Trojans, malware and bacterial programs. Side by side, you will get spyware, anti phishing, root kit scan, registry tools and so on. So, norton 360 review does not score a point in this case.

Uninstalling Issues

Officially, Symantec claimed that it has made all the necessary changes that was needed to be done regarding the uninstall process. As the algorithms of software dos not allow it to remove certain files and registry keys, there are special removal tools with an edition that helps in deleting all files separately. This means that you might have to restart your computer twice in order to uninstall Norton 360 suite. That’s a case which stops it from getting all 5 stars.

Final Review

Overall, the suite is highly advanced, programmed with all technicalities, bugs are removed, major issues has been resolved (to the possible extent) and much more flexibility has been introduced. In order to deliver the honest review, it is a suite for those who are dependent upon Norton for their total security and are ready to spend money for buying it. The overall norton 360 review enables it to get 4 stars out of 5.