Norton 360 Review: What you all need to know

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In this growing online world, you always need a security client that can keep your computer safe from attacks, can protect your identity, both offline and online and also to prevent any malicious internet attacks. If you’re looking out for such an all-rounder antivirus software that can protect you and your activity from every dimension possible, then there is no better option than the Norton 360.

Norton 360 is an antivirus product developed by Symantec, and is quite efficient and worth when compared to its competitors in the market. If you’ve been using the Norton Internet Security software in the past, you’ll feel the Norton 360 antivirus software quite different, because of the new user interface.


The Norton 360 provides a lot of user friendly and secure features such as:

  • Protection from phishing attacks.
  • Tools for efficient password management.
  • Great protection from online threats, including malware attacks.
  • Provides backup of your data.
  • System Tuneup function.
  • Free online storage available.
  • Parental control tools via mobile.

And so on.

And like any other antivirus software out there, Norton 360 can also perform custom as well as scheduled scans of your system, monitor your web browsing, look out for suspicious sites as you browse on, control various other softwares on your system as well as reboot your system upon request.

And the premium features include the ability to backup your data online for free till a maximum storage limit of 2 GB and a password manager that lets you create a high security password for your online accounts and also allows you to safely store these passwords onto their database and automatically fills these passwords when you visit previously stored sites.

Yet another well-appreciated feature of Norton 360 is their well-informed and helpful tech support team that assists you anytime upon contacting them. Apart from their 24/7 tech support, you can also find answers for your queries using FAQ’s, user guides and the Forum.

Norton also provides virtual assistants to attend your queries at any time. In case the virtual assistant fails in providing a satisfying answer to you, then you’ll be forwarded to the Direct Support, who will then assist you via Emails or Online chat sessions until you’re done with your queries.

Additional features such as Mobile Parental Controls and the ability to install the Norton 360 software on 3 different system’s upon purchase adds up to the customer favoring features. Moreover, protecting your identity online and thus protecting you from any scam is one of the most important priorities for Norton.

Final Words:

There are a very few or no competitors for the Norton 360 antivirus software in terms of performance. Moreover, Norton 360 provides the best price-to-features pack and is not only an antivirus client for your system but also acts as a parental control tool, online identity protector, backup provider as well as a password storing medium. These are some of the best features that an entry level antivirus software can provide you, and Norton 360 renders these features smoothly. We really recommend you to purchase this software, and you’ll never regret the purchase.