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  • Online Digital audiobook store Review

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    If you are an avid reader but you are pretty much busy with your work and hardly get time for reading then here is something for you is producer and seller of audio versions of newspapers, magazines, Educational & Informational programs, various entertainment audio tapes and much more. You can find the audio versions of various TV Programs and radio. Audible was opened in the year 1995 by the E-commerce giant company Amazon. And now audible is the worlds largest producer and seller of audiobooks. You can directly go to to download audio books and enjoy one month free subscription or visit our coupons section here and get some good offers.

    The is the audio library where apart from newspaper, Magazine, Books you can also find the Lectures, Radio and TV Programs. Now the time of Audio tapes has gone and old fashioned. Now you can experiencing like reading a book or magazine while driving the car. You can buy the specific book. But it is better to go for subscription offer as it will include one audio book and one subscription based offering. You can enjoy free subscription for your very first month. You can find some more thing for free there like political speeches, Court Hearing and more.


    The reason behind the success of Audible is its accessibility over wide platforms including android, iOS, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Kindle, Windows Phone and others. The audible get popular after few years after launch because of its time saving features and others. You can use it even on the time you didn’t know you had. The audio books enables you to make leisure time productive, like waiting in lines, Traveling in bus or train. You will see how the boring time turned into productive and Enjoyable.

    What could be more productive than listening to an audio book while walking. The enables to have audio book every book and program. They also have exclusive editions which can be find at audible only. gives the audio files on a very less price than a CD.

    The subscription: 

    You can get 30 days free subscription from audible and in this you can get an audiobook of your choice. After the first month your subscription will start at $14.95 per month. In the subscription you will get one credit by which you can download any one audio book of your choice.

    Is it worth to subscribe to

    It varies person to person. As everyone have different field of interest and taste. It is worth and best service if you like to listen audio books and want to do something productive at the time at which even you don know that you have time.

    The prices are significantly less than what you pay to buy a CD version of same. Its the place where you can get the required book at one click and vast number of books in audio form. You will have an additional option of burning it to CD and other devices like phone MP3 etc.

    Pros of Audible:

    1. All the audio programs and books can be downloaded and used on on vast platforms including iPod, MP3 Player, or burning to a CD.

    2. A vast collection of books, Magazines, Podcasts etc.

    3. Highly time saving and low price as compared to CDs.


    1. Audible files are not supported on Android 4.4 kitkat versions till now.

    2. Confusing Audio Format system.

    3. Lack of Format Transparency.

    I hope you like the whole information provided by us. You can share this informational article by means of social media with your friends. And for more Tech updates stay tuned to the website.

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  • McAfee Total Protection 2014 review

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    The market currently has three types of anti Malware software’s. First type is a simple anti-virus that protects your system just from the virus-affected files and repair them. The second type has the functions of the first type added with online security. The third type is the ultimate class amongst virus protection software’s and it protects your system completely from any kind of Malware entering from any source be it through files or the internet in any form.

    The McAfee total protection software belongs to the third category. The software developers believed in Malware protection more than Malware removal. Therefore the software emphasises more on blocking the malwares from entering your system than the removal of entered malwares.


    The only way to distinguish this virus protection suite from other low level products from McAfee was the title name on the window. Rest of the appearance is similar to the McAfee anti-virus and anti-virus plus. The software Window consisted of the familiar large buttons and panels for accessing the basic protection features. You can switch to the navigation view in order to access the high-level security features of the security suite. The navigation view requires a bit of time for getting used to. You need to spend time in order to access the special features but with the investment of some time.

    The McAfee total protection does the job of blocking malwares very efficiently. It scores an awesome 9.2 by blocking almost 92 percent of the incoming malwares.

    As stated earlier, the McAfee total protection is unable to remove the pre-existing malwares from your system as efficiently as it does the job of protecting your system from the intruding malwares. It manages to score a disappointing figure of 5.9 thereby placing it under its competition products. Though the software score places it below its competitors, it manages to keep the software in the top half of the list.

    The my home network feature helps you to stay in touch with the other systems in your locality using the same protection suite and thereby get and provide notifications to them.

    The software provides you with various other features for the system protection. These include various features like file lock vault encrypter which scans your delicate files meticulously and repairs them without loss of any important data. It also has an extremely efficient spam filter, which protects your system from spam files and links. It also includes a file shredder utility, which is used for secure deletion of the files. Quick clean is yet another feature which further adds up to the security of the bundle. This feature deletes the useless files and also cleans any location links with the browser and other included files thereby reducing your vulnerability to disclose the location of your system.

    Overall the McAfee total protection is an efficient security bundle, which performs its tasks quite well but is just let down by its heavy price tag as compared to the competition.

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  • Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 Review

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    If you’re seeking to purchase a complete security package suite instead of opting for each security feature separately, then the truth is that you have a very few trusted and worthy option to go with. And the Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 is indeed one of the best you have.

    Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 provides a complete set of security features such as a antivirus software, phishing and spam protection, anti-spam actions, advanced firewall protection, enhanced parental controls etc.

    And the fact is that all of these features are quite advanced and well developed and scores a very reputable and indeed high score in the antivirus test labs set up by professionals. To help you decide whether to choose the Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 or not, today we’re here with the review of the same.


    Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 Review:

    Anyone upgrading from the traditional Kaspersky antivirus software should not feel alienated because the user interface of the Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 is quite similar.

    The fact that Kaspersky is one of the best antivirus solutions out there, leaves very few competitors for its products as well.

    As any other antivirus solution out there, Kaspersky Internet Security too provides its own standard set of features such as active antivirus protection, protection from malware and phishing attacks, malware warnings, secure web browsing and online privacy protection.

    Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 also packs in some of the unique features of Kaspersky antivirus such as built-in tech support to the software and also provides a set of additional tools to protect your system such as a rescue disk that’s bootable, an effective vulnerability scanner, and also additional system tools to erase computer and internet usage details and data.

    And in terms of user friendliness, Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 does not annoy you with frequent popups like others and quietly works in the background all the time protection you from all possible threats and attacks. You’re only notified whenever some actions are needed to be taken or if some serious threats or attacks have been reported.  Hence, the question of Kaspersky Internet Security affecting your system’s performance never appears at all.

    Kaspersky Internet Security does not flag harmless sites as spam or malicious, as some other antivirus softwares out there and its frequently advancing database ensures you can your copy of the Kaspersky Internet Security is always ready to fight up against the latest and the most harmful threats out there.

    Final Words:

    Almost every other’s who tested the Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 client refers it to be one of the best antivirus suites available out there and indeed recommends it to their customers and readers.

    Indeed, Kaspersky Internet 2014 can be termed as the best antivirus and the best user friendly one too, thanks to its quite simple user interface and features which favors and suits both amateur and professional users equally.

    If you’re planning to buy the Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 suite then we highly recommend you that you proceed with your decision, because its the best choice you can get for the price you pay and indeed is worth every penny you pay. You should also visit our Kaspersky Coupon page and get discount on latest Kaspersky Internet Security.

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